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LMU chemist honored with UC Berkeley Lectureship Award

Nov 14, 2022

Professor Lena Daumann from the Department of Chemistry at LMU has been awarded a Lectureship Award from UC Berkeley. The chemist received the honor as part of the Earl L. Muetterties Memorial Lectureship at the U.S. university, where she gave two lectures.

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A new nanoparticle to act at the heart of cells

Nov 09, 2022

A team from UNIGE and LMU developed a transport nanoparticle to make an anti-inflammatory drug much more effective and less toxic.

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Light-driven molecular swing

Oct 17, 2022

Scientists at the LMU and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics have used ultrashort laser pulses to make the atoms of molecules vibrate and have gained a precise understanding of the dynamics of energy transfer that take place in the process.

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Magnesium ions slow down water dynamics on short length scales

Oct 14, 2022

The presence of ions affects the structure and dynamics of water. New results show that the water environment of specific pairs of magnesium and sulfate ions has a decisive impact.

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Chemistry: long-range interactions

Aug 25, 2022

LMU chemist Heinz Langhals shows that intermolecular interactions can attain previously unknown dimensions.

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Innate immunity: the final touch for antimicrobial defence

Aug 24, 2022

A team lead by LMU immunologist Veit Hornung has identified an important intermediate step in innate immune defence

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New research network from LMU and TUM for next-generation active ingredients

Jul 25, 2022

With funding from the German government, researchers from LMU and TUM are establishing a new future cluster for research and development into RNA-based active ingredients.

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LMU Center for Advanced Studies - Lecture Series "Energy"

Jun 20, 2022

Panel discussion on
"Energy Knowledge Transfer II"

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New cutting-edge LMU facility opens

May 31, 2022

The Institute of Chemical Epigenetics (ICEM) offers ideal conditions for cutting-edge research at the interface between biology and chemistry

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The origin of life: a paradigm shift

May 13, 2022

According to a new concept by LMU chemists led by Thomas Carell, it was a novel molecular species composed out of RNA and peptides that set in motion the evolution of life into more complex forms

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European Research Council awards Advanced Grant to Prof. Huc

May 09, 2022

The European Research Council awards three prestigious Advanced Grants to LMU scientists, among them Prof. Huc from the Department of Pharmacy

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Cell biology: How mitochondria report stress

Apr 08, 2022

LMU researchers have discovered the mechanism by which the protein DELE1 detects organelle stress. This offers a possible new approach for treating neurodegenerative diseases.

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Light energy transfer: molecular vibrations instead of resonance

Mar 31, 2022

New study in The Journal of Organic Chemistry refutes theory on transfer of light energy.

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Bacterial ribosomes: molecular collision activates protection mechanism

Mar 14, 2022

What happens when protein production grinds to a halt because the synthesis machine, the ribosome, stalls? LMU scientists show how bacteria detect and eliminate the error.

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Seminar about Interdisciplinary research positions at the Faculty Part 2

Mar 11, 2022

Informations on Internships and BSc/MSc/PhD positions in Chem, Biochem, Pharma and Bio at LMU: Part 2 - Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Material Science, InorganicChem and Single-molecule Imaging

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Seminar about Interdisciplinary research positions at the Faculty Part I

Mar 10, 2022

Informations on Internships and BSc/MSc/PhD positions in Chem, Biochem, Pharma and Bio at LMU: Part 1 - Org Chem, Chem Bio, Biochem and Cell Bio

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Proof of Concept ERC-Grant for Olivia Merkel

Feb 21, 2022

The LMU pharmacist has received a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to make RNA nanoparticles inhalable and to improve their storage and transport conditions.

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Early Earth: Evolution in the abiotic world

Jan 16, 2022

LMU chemists have shown that organocatalysts go through an evolution and could have played an important role in the emergence of life.

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COPD: Ion channel regulates molecule that contributes to disease

Jan 14, 2022

Researchers reveal that the recycling of a disease-promoting molecule through a specific ion channel is impaired in patients with the lung disease COPD.

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Genome research: Finding the invisible

Jan 14, 2022

LMU researchers have developed a method to extract more information from sequencing data. This will afford deeper insights into biology.

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LMU Center for Advanced Studies - Lecture Series "Energy of the Future"

Jan 13, 2022

Panel discussion on
"Energy Knowledge Transfer"

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ERC grant for Prof. Daniel Merk

Jan 10, 2022

Four talented early-career researchers have obtained prestigious starting grants together with LMU from the European Research Council, including Prof. Daniel Merk from the Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

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HIV infection: Better understanding the reservoir of virus in the body

Jan 07, 2022

LMU researchers have developed a method that allows resting human immune cells to be genetically analyzed in detail for the first time.

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