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Test phase for new SciFinder modules PatentPak and Methods Now

Munich, Oct 25, 2016

One month, free trial of the new SciFinder modules PatentPak and Methods Now


From October, 24 to November, 23, 2016, all scientists and students of the faculty can test two new SciFinder modules called PatentPak and MethodsNow unlimited and free of charge. Both the patents as well as the synthetic methods are started by clicking the corresponding buttons in SciFinder. However, to access analytical methods, you must log in directly into Methods Now. Use your SciFinder ID to login.

Whether the two new modules are licensed by the faculty library in addition to SciFinder after the end of the test phase is currently unclear, as the financing needs to be clarified. Nevertheless, it would be very helpful to know how much PatentPak and / or MethodsNow improved your scientific research at all.

Please share your positive and negative experiences with: or +49 89 2180 77065.