Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

For the first time preliminary course for chemistry teacher's students

Munich, Jul 19, 2018

In coming winter semester, for the first time a theoretical and practical preliminary course in chemistry didactics will be held from 19.-28. September 2018 for prospective students of chemistry.


In addition to subject-specific and laboratory-practical elements for refreshing study-relevant content, a campus rally, a library tour and an information event on the student council are being offered in cooperation with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The number of seats in this pilot project is limited to 20. Participation is voluntary and therefore not a prerequisite for study. If the available seats are exceeded, a follow-up list will be set up.

Interested parties should register bindingly under the following link: www.cup.lmu.de/anmeld/vorkursla/

Organizers of the preliminary course Chemistry are Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schwarzer (Didactics of Chemistry), Dr. Anna Gallien and Marius Eckert (AK Klüfers or Lehrerbildung @ LMU subproject "Strengthening the occupational field reference in the subject sciences").