Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Commission for study grants

The Study Grant Commission (SZK) evaluates proposals for financial support in projects for the improvement of teaching. You can find more information below.

Gruppe der Hochschullehrer und Hochschullehrerinnen

  • Prof. Dr. Roland Beckmann (Vorsitzender)
  • Prof. Dr. Ivan Huc
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Ochsenfeld

Gruppe der wissenschaftlich Beschäftigten

  • Prof. Dr. Franz Paintner

Gruppe der nichtwissenschaftlich Beschäftigten

  • Gertrud Adelmann


  • Prof. Dr. Regina de Vivie-Riedle

Studierende der Pharmazie

  • Ann-Kathrin Forsthuber
  • Fabian Hemmetzberger
  • Sina Wolff

Studierende der Chemie

  • Rosmarie Eden Levy
  • Marios Materis
  • Nicole Zeitlmeir


Geschäftsstellenleitungen der Departments

  • Dr. Anja Haniel (Department Chemie)
  • Dr. Carola Vogt (Department Biochemie), Stellvertretung: Dr. Sabine Bergelt

Studiengangskoordinationsstellen der Departments

  • Dr. Johanna Turck (Department Biochemie)
  • Dr. Tanja Mahnecke (Department Pharmazie)
  • Dr. Thomas Engel (Departments Chemie und Biochemie)


Grant Utilization

The new LMU by-law "Concerning student participation in decisions about the use of grants at the LMU" Satzung_Studienzuschuesse_mit_Aenderung2014.pdf of February, 2014 governs, among other things, the composition and duties of the respective commissions.
Article 2, Paragraph 2 reads, "For the use of grants within departments, at least one commission will be formed in every department by its faculty board. The appointment of student commission members will be undertaken through the suggestions of the student representatives in the faculty board."

As of winter semester of 2013/2014, students are no longer required to pay tuition fees. The Bavarian government offers grants to improve the quality of instruction, see Haushaltsänderungsgesetz 2013/201, Verkündungsplattform Bayern - Bildungsfinanzierungsgesetz.

According to the ministerial directive, Article 5a, Paragraph 3 of the BayHSchG (Verwaltungsvorschrift_nachArt_5a_Abs_3BayHSchG.pdf), these grants have been earmarked solely for the improvement of study conditions and must adhere to the following categories for the improvement of instruction:

  • Improvement in teaching
  • Improvement of student services
  • Infrastructure improvement