Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

IT Services

IT Service Group

Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie
- Rechnerbetriebsgruppe -
Butenandtstr. 5 - 13
81377 München

The IT service group of the faculty for chemistry and pharmacy supports staff and students of the faculty in IT issues and operates the central IT infrastructure of the faculty (servers and students computer rooms). It offers the following services (as far as our personnel capacities admit):

  • Support in network, software and hardware questions
  • Creation of websites and web applications
  • Advice on hardware purchase
  • Installation of operating systems and software
  • System programming and administration
  • Network and server administration
  • Help on security issues
  Room Phone Fax Email
Christoph Singer F0.047 +49 (0) 89 2180 77644 +49 (0) 89 2180 77640
Bernhard Veith F0.047 +49 (0) 89 2180 77130 +49 (0) 89 2180 77640

Local network managers

  • Persons responsible for the networks in the buildings:
  • Building B: Wolfgang Rödl
  • Building C: Stephan Wildner
  • Building D: Wolfgang Wünschheim
  • Building E: Dr. Moritz Ehrl
  • Building F: Dr. Uwe Wiesner
  • Administration department: Dr. Uwe Wiesner
  • Cluster Systems: Group of Prof. de Vivie Riedle

IT Board

The IT Board's function is to maintain the secure and efficient operation of the faculty's IT infrastructure.


The campus offers students five rooms (so-called Computer Investment Program or CIP rooms) which are equipped with computers. The equipment varies as to operating systems and installed software. Further Informations can be found here and on the web pages of the CIP-Pool.