Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Information for transfer students and students switching majors

Are you interested in studying chemistry, biochemistry or pharmacy at the LMU and have started analogous studies at another university? Then you are an Orts- bzw. Hochschulwechsler or transfer student. Are you enrolled at another department of the LMU but want to switch majors? Then you are a Studienplatz- oder Fachwechsler. Please be aware of the deadlines and further information.

In both cases it is possible to receive credits for previous work in chemistry, biochemistry or other natural sciences (see transfer credits).
Please check our policy for transfer credits before you apply or, at the latest, before you begin your studies here: Study Programs

Both transfer students and students switching majors have to apply for acceptance and are subject to the rules in effect. (More information here)

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