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RNA modification Methylation and mopping up

LMU researchers have discovered a novel type of chemical modification in bacterial RNAs. The modification is apparently attached to molecules only when cells are under stress, and is rapidly removed during recovery.

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Immunology: Activation by breakdown

LMU researchers report that a central component of the innate immune response is activated by two short RNAs which are produced by site-specific cleavage of a precursor RNA molecule – and both derivatives are generated by the same enzyme.

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Research Day at the Department of Pharmacy

On December 30, 2019 there will be the DAY OF RESEARCH AT THE DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY.

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Citation analysis: 13 LMU faculty members among highly cited authors

13 LMU faculty members are among the authors listed in “Highly Cited Researchers 2019”. The ranking is based on an analysis of the citation history of scholarly publications, and covers the Natural, Social and Medical Sciences.

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Scientific research: New Scifinder version available

Since November 2019, the new SciFinder version Scifindern is available to all members of the LMU for research purposes.

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Energy research: Economizing on iridium

Iridium is an ideal catalyst for the electrolytic production of hydrogen from water – but it is extremely expensive. But now a new kind of electrode made of highly porous material does an excellent job with just a hint of iridium.

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Chemistry Five-fold boost in formaldehyde yield

Environmentally benign methods for the industrial production of chemicals are urgently needed. LMU researchers recently described such a procedure for the synthesis of formaldehyde, and have now improved it with the aid of machine learning.

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Academic graduation ceremony of the Department of Pharmacy - Center for Pharmaceutical Research 2019

This year's graduation ceremony of the Department of Pharmacy - Center for Pharmaceutical Research will take place on Friday, November 29, 2019, starting at 2:15 pm in the Audimax of the Biomedical Center Munich.

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Awarding of Römer Foundation prizes and handing over of master's certificates in chemistry and biochemistry

Festive event on Friday, 7.12.2018, at 15:15

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