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Web of Science: Rolf Huisgen is Citation Laureate

Professor Rolf Huisgen, Professor Emeritus of Organic Chemistry at the LMU, has been elected as one of the two Citation Laureates in 2019 for the chemistry department of the media company Clarivate.

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Chemical Evolution: One Pot Wonder

Before life, there was RNA: Scientists at LMU show how the four different letters of this genetic alphabet could be created from simple precursor molecules on early Earth - under the same environmental conditions.

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Catalysts: Reactions on the edge

Using the example of an important industrial process, LMU chemists show that defects on the surface of catalysts are essential for their activity.

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Molecular motors: Rotation on an eight-shaped path

Chemical engineers at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich, Germany, have developed the first molecular motor that enables an eight-shaped movement.

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Binding of atoms: Repulsion is followed by attraction

A team of physicists and quantum chemists is the first to measure the transition from a slight atomic bond to a strong one.

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DPHG Annual Conference: Prof. Angelika Vollmar honored

As part of the DPHG Annual Meeting 2019, Prof. Angelika Vollmar was awarded the highly prestigious Carl Mannich Medal.

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DNA repair: Opening the hatch to heal the break

LMU researchers have determined the structure of a key enzyme complex that is involved in DNA repair, and traced the cycle of conformational changes that it undergoes while performing its biochemical function.

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Awards: Ten ERC Starting Grants for LMU

Ten early-career researchers have won ERC Starting Grants in conjunction with LMU.

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Heading for new biosensors with graphene and DNA

A biosensor´s most important sign of quality is sending a clear color signal when the target molecule binds. The signal strength depends on the distance of the fluorescence molecules involved. Now members of the Cluster of Excellence “e-conversion” are able to define and optimize this distance with nanometer precision.

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